About Us

About the Owner

Hi Beauties!

I'm Kia Cole, owner of Fierce Impression Boutique LLC. I am a fashion connoisseur, and I LOVE everything, about fashion! I was raised in church, where fashion really “lacked” and just didn’t exist much LOL, which caused me great frustration! I grew up in a strict, religious home environment, where money was definitely not disposable, which forced me to have to get creative with my clothing. I developed a love for shopping at thrift stores, which sparked my creative gift and inspiration in fashion and styling on a budget.

I’m a proud wife and mom of 3 handsome, active, adventurous boys, who keep me very busy! I love music, amusement parks, and am also a gifted singer. I am multi-talented. In my spare time I enjoy reading, creating makeup looks, baking, cooking, sewing, and writing. I love to travel and live life to its fullest!


A faith-based women’s clothing boutique aimed toward women who want to feel cute, be covered, and feel confident, while still being very stylish and unique. Inspiring women to know that you can love God AND be popping!!!

Our Mission

Fierce Impression Boutique's mission is to offer first class customer service to all customers around the world, while offering quality, stylish fashion. With the bold, creative, confident, stylish customer of every size in mind, fashion is our passion, and we want to share that passion with you!

We carry sizes Small-5XL. We want you to feel your absolute best while accentuating your best features.
We hope you enjoy this exciting shopping experience!

So, you too, can make a FIERCE IMPRESSION!!!